Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

In the words of Flip Wilson’s alter ego Geraldine: ” The devil made me do it!”

Honestly, I do not know what came over me yesterday.  It started at lunchtime when an innocent outing to grab a grilled chicken sandwich somehow turned into meal consisting of a hot dog and french fries.  What on earth was I thinking?  I eat hot dogs maybe twice a year at the most and ONLY at ball games.

But the hot dogs and fries were only the beginning of my high caloric odyssey.  Later in the afternoon while creating a short shopping list with my daughter (aka: my partner in crime), out of nowhere came the words “let’s make cupcakes today!”   Oh yes, and not any plain old ordinary cupcake mind you.   The next thing I knew my fingers were typing “BROWN EYED BAKER” on the keyboard.  And when the image of these cupcakes came up, I was doomed.  You’ll note when you visit her blog, the words “sweet*savory*sinful” under her title.  I know what category these fall under.

By the way, my partner in crime made the frosting and piped it on all on her own.  Excellent job my dear!

Today I’m throwing myself back on the healthy eating wagon and trying to forget that I still have some cupcakes left over in the fridge downstairs.  Because the recipe is perfect as is, I will direct you to Ms. Brown Eyed Baker’s site with the warning that if you start browsing her blog, you are likely to get sucked in like me.  Into the sinful sweet world.

Perhaps the phrase should be “The Brown Eyed Baker made me do it!”

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

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