Dining with the Count

Photo by Peter Bosy Photography

Last evening a group of my fellow friends and actors at the Theatre of Western Springs gathered to prepare and serve a blood chilling dinner for six individuals who dined on the set of our current show, Dracula.   Thought I would share some photos and the vampire inspired recipes from this special dinner.

Our meal began with shrimp bathed in a tangy Bloody Mary Cocktail sauce, along with a Black Garlic Dip.

For our salad course we served a beautiful beet and orange salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette.  Unfortunately we are a few weeks away from blood orange season here in the midwest, but my friend, Angelee, cleverly improvised by “staining” navel oranges with some beet and pomegranate juice.  Thought the results were spectacular:

For the main course, we presented our guests with impaled cornish hens served with a raspberry red wine sauce, black squid ink pasta flavored with truffles and garlic, and “killer” cauliflower gratin.  It was a scream 😉

Our guests seemed to enjoy everything, including the Vampire wine!

The evening ended with some creepy sweets, including these monster cupcakes (which are admittedly more cute than they are scary)

I want to thank my friends who ventured over to the dark side to make this dinner possible: Mary Ellen & John, Bonnie, Jack & Karol and Angelee.  Special thanks also go to our lighting designer, Cal, for helping us to set the mood on stage.  And finally, a very special thanks to the Savory Spice Shop in Hinsdale, for giving our guests a little garlic seasoning.  After all, you never know when the Count will be knocking at your door.  Mwwwahhhahahaa…

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