Happy 2013 From Dinner Is Served


Well it’s been a good year for me and for my little food blog.  I made it past the one hundred post mark, which is kind of cool.  According to the bean counters at WordPress, my most popular post were my S’More Cookie Bars.  Go figure, I don’t even bake that much!  However, I am well aware that while soup, stews and salads are the mainstays of our diets,  it’s the sweet temptations that always bring people in.  I’ll take a cue from that and will remember to post a sweet treat now and then in the new year.

It’s always fun to speculate about food trends as we head into a new year.  Personally I think bacon and cupcakes have worn their welcome a bit.  Can mac & cheese be far behind?  Who knows!  Epicurious predicts that cauliflower will be in and kale will be out. Cauliflower…really??  They also claim that vegetable plates will gain popularity as meatballs decline.  Hey, I’m all for veggies, but did I miss out on the meatball craze somehow?

Well one thing that will not change is my love for food, for cooking and for sharing meals with friends and family.  And also my deep appreciation for my food followers, for those who give my recipes a try and tell me how much they enjoy my blog.  Like I said, it’s a just a little food blog.  Heaven only knows there are thousands just like this one out there in internet land.

Thank you all and have a safe and blessed new year.


Ann Baker

 Dinner Is Served

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