Meet the New Guest Blogger for Cyber Cucina (which would be me!)


You’ve heard the phrase “like a kid in candy store”?   I’m not that into candy, quite frankly.  But give me some exotic spices, oils, sauces and vinegars, and well, I just go weak in the knees.

A few weeks ago, I had the great fortune of spending some time in an amazing “candy store,” but in this case it was the stock room for online gourmet food purveyor, Cyber Cucina.  This family-run company was started in 1997 by a friend of mine, Joy, and her parents.  They clearly have a knack for choosing products that will make any chef or epicurean swoon and think “I MUST have that NOW!”

Consider artisan vinegars and oils from Spain, France and ItalyKusmi Tea from RussiaFleur de Sel harvested from the coast of Brittany.  Admit it, you want must have these in your kitchen.

But wait there’s more.  How about beautiful ceramics from Deruta, Italy or one-of-a-kind olive wood utensils and serving pieces.  Oh, and an exclusive line of L’Erbolario Lodi beauty products from Italy.  Ok, so you can’t really cook with them but…every cook deserves to have a glowing complection do they not?

Joy and I met while working on a show recently at our local community theatre.  I was basically a backstage “gopher” (assistant stage manager), and Joy played a streetwise detective.  After realizing I had a total and complete obsession with food and cooking, she kindly invited me to tour their operations located in the western suburbs of Chicago then asked if I would consider creating recipes using some of their products and posting them on their blog. Less than one second later, I gave her an enthusiastic YES PLEASE WHEN DO I START!

Armed with a basket of goodies, above, I’ve been working on a series of recipes to showcase some of their amazing products, so look for some upcoming blog posts.  I have also added a permanent link to their site on my blog page which I definitely recommend checking out and sharing with your foodie friends.

A special thanks to Joy and everyone at Cyber Cucina.  I love being a kid again 🙂

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