When Life Gives You Too Much Halloween Candy!

I won’t call Halloween a complete bust this year.  Actually even with ideal weather conditions, our short little block seems to get overlooked by the roving throngs of parents and their children.  Throw in a little torrential rain, like we had yesterday in Chicago and the doorbell rings come only once and a while.

Which leaves me with this:

2013-11-01 07.12.23

And a confession that perhaps some of you already know: I don’t like candy.  I used to, at one point.  But somewhere on the path to adulthood, I veered away from sweet and more towards savory.  Not to mention the dwindling enamel on my teeth makes eating some of these overly sweet treats downright painful!

So this morning, should you find yourself in the same predicament, I offer these ten  suggestions for dealing with leftover candy:

1) Eat it all – OK, so this is an obvious one and no doubt what your children have in mind.  I could warn you of the consequences of eating pounds of processed sugar, but I’m sure you are already well aware.  Your dentist, on the other hand, would love for you to do this.

2) Throw it away – oooooh…me no likey this one.  Bad for the environment and a waste of your hard earned money.  Let’s just skip over this one shall we?

3) Bring it into the office – yawn.  OK, seriously we need some creativity here.

4) Donate your candy – NOW WE’RE TALKING!   Here are some great resources from Cool Mom Pickshttp://coolmompicks.com/2009/11/donating_extra_halloween_candy.php


5) Did you save your receipts? Gosh you’re a smart person.  I did to, but then the minute I got home my the teenagers and spouse opened each bag and eagerly grabbed a few handfuls.  Curses, foiled again.

6) Check out this Pinterest Boardhttp://www.pinterest.com/thewowfactoratl/leftover-halloween-candy-recipes/ …which will lead you to recipes like this:


7) Recipes!! Yes!  How about another one from Food & Wine for this creative snack mix? Ooohhh…there are pretzels in this.  I might actually like it!   http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/snack-mix?xid=DAILY110113SnackMix


8) For you over achievers in the group who are stuck with leftover Kit Kat bars and M&M’s, there’s this cake from Parade Magazine:

Kit-Kat-Cake-12409) Freeze it baby!  Anything chocolate, just chop it up and throw it in the freezer.  Mix it into your favorite ice cream or use to garnish cupcakes, whatever.


10) Finally, check out this Candy Hierarchy and see if the reason you have so much leftover candy is because you’ve been giving out duds.  Apparently the Lemon Heads I offered this year are in the loser category.   No surprise that the creme de la creme of Halloween candy is any full size candy bar.  Doing the math, that means if you spend roughly $500 on a bunch of full size candy bars, you will have none leftover.  Makes sense to me!

And of course the best part about Halloween being over is that means we’re one day closer to THE absolutely most fabulous holiday in the year: Thanksgiving!  Seriously, I’ll take this over candy any day:


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