CyberCucina Italian Lake Country Olive Oil Give Away!

PicMonkey CollageImagine basking in the sun, on the banks of Lake Garda, Italy.  Your picnic basket is full of fresh bread, ripened tomatoes, cheese, a bottle red wine and a bottle of Montecroce Extra Virgin Gentile Olive Oil.    Sigh..

Now imagine you could be enjoying this olive oil in your very own kitchen.

CyberCucina and Dinner is Served are very excited to be able to offer not one but TWO bottles (17 oz. each) of exquisite Montecroce olive oil to one of our followers.  This Italian Lake Country Extra Virgin Olive Oil gift basket includes one bottle of Montecroce “Corposo” or “full taste” EVOO and one bottle of “Gentile” or “sweet” EVOO.  Both oils are produced from a variety of Northern Italy, locally grown olives and processed to perfection in small batches by the Ramanzini Family.

Because I know you all want this, I’ve kept the entry rules very easy:

1) Reply to this post either on my blog OR on Facebook and answer the following question:

Do you go with tried and true recipes for the holidays, or do you like to experiment with new and different ones?

2) If you are on Facebook and “like” CyberCucina’s Facebook page (search for “”), let me know and I will throw you in an extra entry for you.

Now is the perfect time to browse CyberCucina’s holiday gift basket offerings and take advantage of their 20% off sale on selected holiday gifts.  For more details, visit their website at

That’s it!  I will keep this open until Sunday evening at 10:00 Central time at which time I choose one VERY lucky winner (at random, cross my heart ♥!)

Best of luck to everyone!

Ann Baker

Dinner Is Served

4 thoughts on “CyberCucina Italian Lake Country Olive Oil Give Away!

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  2. Hello Ann, I think this is very ironic that you mentioned Lake Garda, which is where we travel to all the time and stay. That is near where we have our company in Italy and we always stay at the Hotel Belle Riva in Salo. Our friend Carlo lives in Riva and he is runs the company for us. I think everyone should expirience Lago di Garda in Italy it is so Beautiful!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take Care, Ellen.

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