Wishing You All a Merry Christmas

Christmas 2013

I love to entertain over the holidays in part because my dining room is a deep ruby red and looks very fitting for this time of year.  I also like to set the table with my Fostoria cranberry water goblets (a treasured hand me down from my late mother-in-law).

This year’s menu included a very rich cheese and meat lasagna, Caesar salad and ciabatta bread, served with a nice Montepulciano I picked up at Trader Joes

Montepulciano d"AbruzzoFollowed by Christmas cookies

Christmas Sweets

You see my Heavenly Chocolate Toffee Bars there on the lower left side?  Yes, it’s as addicting as ever.  On the right side are my grandmother’s Apricot Bars, which are incredibly simple, but one of my favorite little desserts on the planet and I owe you that recipe (very soon I promise!)

A grand time was had by all and now on to phase 2: Christmas Day present opening.  Since my children are teens, of course they’re still sleeping!  Long gone are the days of getting up at 5:00 in the morning to open presents (sure don’t miss THAT)!

Wishing one and all a happy and safe holiday.

Ann Baker
Dinner Is Served

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