Happy 2014 from Dinner Is Served!

New Years Eve

Well it’s been another fun and adventuresome year in food!  As always I am ever so grateful to my food-loving friends for supporting this blog and giving me your encouragement and feedback.  You DO know that were it not for my day job, I would be doing this full time in a heartbeat!

I must say, 2013 was a pretty good year for me all around. I connected with the awesome online store, Cyber Cucina, and became one of their guest bloggers, I made a little headway with improving my food photography (although I’m nowhere near where I want to be).  I absolutely fell in LOVE with Pinterest, finding it a great way to organize my food finds and ideas as well as yet another way to spread the news about my blog.  I’m still a Twitter and Instagram novice, so please bear with me as I continue to navigate my way.

I had a few unexpected “hits” on the blog this year.  First and foremost, was my sirloin steak marinade which took off like a rocket on Pinterest for some reason!

Sirloin Steak CollageAnd according to WordPress, the busiest day on my blog was in October when I posted my recipe for Sticky Maple-Pecan Bars with Maple Bourbon:

IMG_3465We will be ringing in the new year this evening with our friends which, if I can get some decent photos of our meal, I will share with you.  And speaking of photos, I will continue, in the new year, on my quest to improve upon that facet of my blog.

I truly hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy New Years Eve celebration.  And I look forward to sharing more food love with you in the new year.

Your friend in food


Ann Baker

Dinner Is Served

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