Weathering the Storm

Screenshot_2014-01-06-09-39-42If you’re on Facebook, then most likely you’ve seen posts like this all over the place this morning.  And indeed Mother Nature really did deliver the “one-two” punch that has been predicted for over a week.   First, with a boat load of snow over the weekend, that transformed our town into a picturesque wonderland:PicMonkey Collage

Which led many to rush to the stores in preparation for the anticipated Arctic blast.  Looks like bread was quite the popular item at this Meijer store in Carmel, IN (photo courtesy of my friend, Diana Stewart)1528666_10203030663672101_1505285689_nI admit to doing a bit of stocking myself and menu planning.  And while at Trader Joe’s, decided to treat myself to some potted herbs and an assortment of bath scrubs!20140105_123503

Then I got to cooking because when I’m stuck at home, well that’s what I do!  On Saturday I made a super easy and delicious slow cooker pot roast ( Again, if you’re on Facebook, check out my Dinner Is Served page for additional tips on this MUST MAKE slow cooker entree.

Yesterday, slow cooker mania continued with this Cheeseburger Soup from Cuisine at Home: (  A family favorite and very budget friendly as well.  Apologies for lack of photos here.  I’ve really been a slacker this weekend!   Well anyway, we’ve been baking too of course and my daughter is proving to really have  knack for making cookies (she did NOT inherit that from yours truly). Mmmmm…peanut butter warm out of the oven.

20140106_094113This morning, as predicted, we dove head first into the deep freeze. I was thankful that even with our circa 1927 house, we’re reasonably warm.  The back yard birds are gathering around the feeder although my heated bird bath obviously reached it’s capacity:


I decided to light a fire:

IMG_20140106_094503Treat myself to a nice breakfast (something I would never do on a busy weekday)20140106_101411

And look forward to making Ina’s Winter Minestrone Soup for dinner tonight

20140106_100144Very thankful to be safe at home right now with my family close at hand although as I write this post, my oldest daughter (the cookie baker) is going to attempt to start the car so she can go to her friend’s house!

Stay safe and warm people.  Make something comforting, have some wine or some hot chocolate.  We’ll get through this one.  Oh and one final photo to make you smile.  My brother-in-law in Indiana devised an ingenious method for measuring his snow fall.  Hey whatever works!1558775_228023874044749_74537589_n

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