Lee’s Crisp Broccoli-Apple Slaw

Lee's Crisp Broccoli Apple Slaw

“I could eat coleslaw every day for the rest of my life and never get bored!”

Said no one ever.

Poor coleslaw.  It really is an after thought, isn’t it?  Something you feel obligated to serve with fried chicken, or on top of a bbq pork sandwich.  You’ll order it as a side dish, if offered, because eh…it’s better for you than fries, right?  Often drowning in a bland, watered down dressing and served unceremoniously in a flimsy little paper cup.  You take one obligatory bite, and that’s it.

I honestly have not given coleslaw much thought over the years, until recently, when a good friend of mine raved about a slaw her neighbor, Lee, made.  It had apples in it…hmmmm.  Lee graciously passed on the recipe to me, and it happened to fit in perfectly with a meal I was making that week.  I was immediately smitten.

Step aside average cabbage slaw and meet your competition:Lee's Crisp Broccoli Apple Slaw| Dinner Is Served

Couple things that I love about this slaw above the others: definitely the broccoli slaw mix itself.  If you can grab some in the organic section of your grocery store, that’s a win.  Trader Joe’s also carries an organic broccoli slaw, I am pretty sure.  Most mixes include some shredded carrots and others, a little shredded red cabbage.  The crisp texture and clean flavor is a refreshing change of pace.    Alone, it’s a nice mix, but kick it up with some chopped tart apples and a slighty sweet, tangy mayo dressing , and it’s a slaw game changer.20140413_153830

Whoah…hold the horses here.  Might that be fresh rosemary in the dressing?  Oh yes indeed and it’s the secret ingredient in this dressing.   Very tempted was I to leave this out, but I’m so glad I didn’t.   Blog worthy slaw? You betcha!

Thank you Lee.  This one’s a keeper!

Lee’s Crisp Broccoli-Apple Slaw

1- 12 oz package broccoli coleslaw mix

1 2/3 cups chopped tart apple, peeled (such as Granny Smith)

1/4 cup mayonnaise (regular or light)

3 tablespoons light brown sugar

2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary

1 teaspoon cider vinegar

3/4 teaspoon salt

Combine slaw and apples in a large bowl, and toss well. Whisk mayonnaise, brown sugar, rosemary, vinegar and salt in a small bowl.  Combine with slaw/apple mix and gently toss.  Add a pinch of black pepper, if desired.  Cover and chill at least an hour before serving.  Yield: 8 servings – serving size is 1/3 cup.

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