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I’ve been in the food and wine “biz” now for just over 24 years.   Way back when.. I had an early sort of mid-life crisis and decided I would quit a managerial position at a large downtown ad agency in pursuit of a culinary degree.  I survived the professional certificate program at the Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago (now a division of Cordon Bleu).  The years that followed  included jobs in catering, working as a personal chef, teaching, writing, restaurant and wine shop gigs, and most importantly…becoming a mom.

As life has a way of coming full circle, I am now working in hospital administration, managing schedules for my very busy family, and trying to keep my house in one piece.  On weekends, you will find  me in the backyard, tending to a small but very productive herb and vegetable garden, cursing the day I planted garlic chives.   In 2016, we added beekeeping to our repertoire!  We have two hives in our backyard apiary and have had two successful seasons under our belt (although getting them through the winter we have yet to master).

The rest of my non-sleeping hours are spent cooking, blogging, entertaining, and pouring over food blogs, Pinterest, magazines and cookbooks.

Surrounding yourself with good friends and great food is what it’s all about.  I love sharing my passion, one recipe at a time.  Enjoy!

Ann @ Dinner Is Served

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  1. Hey congratulations on starting a blog! I’m excited about it for you and for me. The recipes will come in handy. And easier to find than on Facebook. The only way things could be better is if your blog somehow cooked the food for me! Work on that will ya?

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