A Few of my Favorite Things 4-7-16

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from recipes and blogging and just share some recent food finds. Products that I love, or my kiddos love or make my crazed life a little easier.  Today’s finds come from a store with a never ending supply of cool stuff: Trader Joe’s.

First up is a wine that we absolutely fell in love with for Easter. In fact after just one sipped my husband remarked “Go buy a case of this!”  When I told him it was just $7.99/bottle, he said “Buy TWO cases!”  Indeed, I am very tempted to do this since wines at TJ’s tend to come and go (ie. Chariot).

IMG_0330 (1)


This chenin blanc from the Loire Valley is all sorts of floral and crisp with honey and pear tones. It was a perfect pair with our Easter ham. And the label remarks that it also pairs well with spicy or Indian food, which is quite a feat!  Perfect for patio sipping this summer so yes, if you spot it at Trader Joe’s or anywhere else get it while it’s hot!

Trader Joe's Asparagus Risotto

Of course Trader Joe’s is well known for their convenience foods and this Asparagus Risotto is a shining example of how they do convenience so well. In fact I will go out on a limb here and state it’s darned near as good as risotto made from scratch (which we all know is a labor of total culinary love).

This risotto has that perfect “bite” to the texture, yet creamy. I love the asparagus too, fresh and crisp, which is not what you would expect in a frozen meal. Cooks up in minutes in the microwave and makes a perfect meatless, meal. Or a nice side dish served with just about anything. And coincidentally, pairs very nicely with the Vouvray 😉

IMG_0334 (1)

Something that does not probably pair well with any wine but is nevertheless over-the-top addicting: TJ’s Sriracha Potato Chips. Something I got for the teens and of course ended up practically licking the crumbs from the inside of the bag, they were so good.

I know some feel that Sriracha has overstayed its welcome in our world, along with kale, quinoa and chia seeds. Fine, well let me just state that I hope these chips never go away.  Or maybe they should go away because I need to stay away from chips. Ahhhh the torture!

Bottom line though is that these potato chips have just the right amount of smoky heat to please the palate. The lattice cut keeps them crisp and ready for dipping although I prefer them as is. Preferably by the handful or bag full.Mango Iced Tea

Last but not least let me please put in a plug for Trader Joe’s Mango Green Tea. We’ve been big fans of their Mango Lemonade and Mango Black Tea, so not a surprise, the mango green tea is fantastic as well!

LOVE that this has just 12g of sugar per serving (compare to 26g of sugar in Arizona “Mucho Mango” Tea).   Since I am not keen on soda, this is a great alternative for the family and the teens love it.

More favorite things to come but for now, the paying job calls.  Until next time, my friends.  Eat well!